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02. Business Law

Contracts and civil liability

The contract and the obligations arising from it are the foundations of any commercial or civil relationship. 


In addition to compliance with the applicable legal standards, the contract must obviously adapt the specific constraints of the client's distinct activity.


Contract law presupposes from this perspective, a listening ear and a particular rigor of the lawyer to best serve the interest of his clients. 

From a litigation point of view, a perfect knowledge of the mechanisms of formation and extinction of the contract are all assets to win the case.

The firm also assists you when your civil liability is engaged (hidden defects, defective products, etc.)

Commercial law and company law


The firm is involved in the negotiation, drafting, interpretation and application of commercial leases (renewal, leave, etc.). 


It also intervenes in the contentious phase when a dispute arises related to this type of contract  (revision, breach of contract, termination of the lease).

The firm also takes care of all the acts and formalities relating to the creation, life and extinction of the company (including in the context of collective proceedings). 


Whether it is advice on the most suitable company, the drafting of articles of association, registration formalities, or the drafting of various documents related to the life of a company, the lawyer is an essential actor. company law.

As such, the firm duly works in close collaboration with other partners (tax firms or firms specializing in intellectual property, accounting firms, etc.).

10 years of existence and practice

The fees charged will depend on the complexity of the case and the foreseeable diligence. 

The profession authorizes the fixing of the fee at the flat rate, at the hourly rate,   with possibly an additional performance fee. 

The firm obviously accepts files for legal aid, if necessary.

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