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03. Victims' rights

Accompaniment of the victim by the lawyer

The victim occupies a special place in the criminal trial. He is a civil party to the trial and as such may seek compensation for damages suffered as a result of the offense(s) prosecuted. 

From simple moral and/or material damage, the compensation of the victim can also suppose a much more complex expertise when it comes to repairing bodily damage (suffering endured, partial or permanent incapacity, aesthetic damage, professional damage, temporary functional deficit partial or total, etc.)

This presupposes constant support for the victim to assess the relevance of an expert's report, the accuracy of the proposal from an insurance company or a guarantee fund, then to quantify from an economic point of view the sums that 'it will be appropriate to allocate repair. 

The firm has been supporting victims for many years in this process: victims of common law offenses (violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, harassment, traffic accidents, intentional or involuntary homicide, etc.), and also victims of acts of terrorism (Paris attacks, Strasbourg attacks, Nice attacks, etc.). 

Areas of intervention

The firm of Mr Emmanuel SPANO has extensive experience in supporting victims.

We accompany them during the drafting of their complaint (with or without civil action), within the framework of an instruction procedure or a preliminary investigation and obviously before all the courts of judgment (Police Court, Court court or assize court). 

Finally, the firm assists all victims in obtaining their compensation before insurance companies, the various guarantee funds (victims of terrorism, traffic accidents, etc.), the SARVI and again before the CIVI ( Crime Victim Compensation Commission). 

We operate throughout France, and particularly in the Grand-Est in the jurisdictions of Strasbourg, Colmar, Mulhouse, Metz and Nancy.


We also intervene in Paris, within the framework of the various terrorist attacks perpetrated on the national territory (Paris, Strasbourg, Nice): investigation procedures currently open and trials in progress or to come before the Special Court of Assizes, exclusively competent in matters acts of terrorism. 

10 years of practice

The fees charged will depend on the complexity of the case and the foreseeable diligence. 

The profession authorizes the fixing of the fee at the flat rate, at the hourly rate,   with possibly an additional performance fee. 

The firm obviously accepts files for legal aid, if necessary.

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