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04. Criminal law of business affairs

White collar crime

Business criminal law deals with offenses related to the business world. One of the criteria for defining this branch of special criminal law is definitely the commission of the offense in the context of an economic activity and this is why we often speak of white-collar crime.

The expression was introduced in a famous speech by American criminologist Edwin H. Sutherland (American criminal behavior theorist sociologist, making him a criminologist, 1883-1950).

The matter may relate to common law offences, carried out in the context of the business world, such as theft, fraud, or breach of trust.

But, it can call upon more sophisticated processes and methods, more technical and less detectable..

Among the offenses most often encountered are: misuse of corporate assets, corruption, influence peddling, money laundering, bribery, bankruptcy, favouritism, etc.


These offenses can be either related to company law, consumer law, labor law, competition law or more generally to commercial law itself.


Being often particularly technical, they are commonly the responsibility, from a judicial point of view, of a judicial chamber specialized in the matter. 

Areas of intervention 

The firm's lawyers provide daily assistance to companies   or individuals confronted with this type of technical problem. It is essential to prevent any delicate situation. Wise advice will firstly limit the criminal risk: obligation and risk prevention, compliance control, malicious behavior, etc...).


With several years of teaching at the University of Strasbourg in this area, the firm has been able to acquire in-depth technical expertise in this field ("Compliance Officer" training, preparation for national competitions, etc.,...).  

We intervene in the Grand Est region and particularly in the Bas-Rhin before the courts of Paris, Strasbourg, Colmar, Mulhouse Nancy and Metz. 

10 years of practice

The fees charged will depend on the complexity of the case and the foreseeable diligence. 

The profession authorizes the fixing of the fee at the flat rate, at the hourly rate,   with possibly an additional performance fee. 

The firm obviously accepts files for legal aid, if necessary.

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